Navigating Board Certification & Beyond with Pierce Mortuary Colleges

Board Certification

At Pierce Mortuary Colleges, we provide extensive support to our students throughout their academic journey, particularly in preparing for and succeeding in board certification exams. Our approach encompasses a blend of academic, financial, and personal support systems, ensuring a comprehensive nurturing environment for their students.

Support Services We Offer Before Exams:

Admissions Support: The journey begins with the Admissions Department, serving as the initial contact point for prospective students and their families. The department sets the foundation for what to expect during the educational experience, highlighting the college's commitment to innovative and hands-on learning opportunities​​.

Academic Advising: Once enrolled, students receive guidance from academic advisors who assist in charting individualized academic paths. These advisors play a crucial role in helping students select appropriate programs, understand graduation requirements, and choose between full-time or part-time enrollment, as well as online or on-ground platforms​​.

Financial Aid Services: Understanding the importance of financial support, the college offers extensive financial aid services. These services include scholarships, student loans, and other aid, ensuring that students from all financial backgrounds can afford quality education​​.

Student Financial Services: These services help manage students' financial affairs, including tuition payments and application of financial aid​​.

Tutoring and Tutorial Services: Our colleges offer free tutoring services for both general education and funeral service courses. This includes a partnership with TutorMe for 24-hour online tutoring support, addressing general education course needs​​.

Study Groups: Online and on-campus students have access to study groups, providing a collaborative environment to strengthen their understanding of funeral service concepts​​.

Boot Camp: As part of their exam preparation, the college offers an online Boot Camp linked with the Capstone Course. This rigorous program is designed to boost students' success in both Capstone Final Exams and the National Board Exams, offering content lectures, workshops, and intensive preparation​​.

What to Expect After Exams:

Exam Fee Coverage: Once students pass their board certification exams, the college demonstrates its commitment by paying their exam fees. This gesture not only eases financial burdens but also signifies the college's confidence in their students' abilities and success.

Continued Support: Post-graduation, students continue to receive support through various services. These include career services, which assist in job placement and connecting graduates with potential employers, and alumni services, ensuring a lifelong connection and support network​​.

Professional Development: The college offers selected certifications to enhance students' resumes and increase their eligibility for a wider variety of opportunities. This includes cremation certification training and other skill-set specific certifications​​.

At Pierce Mortuary Colleges, our approach utilizes a combination of academic, financial, and personal support services to foster a nurturing atmosphere for our students. Through these comprehensive services, Pierce Mortuary Colleges not only aims to prepare our students for success in their exams, but also pave the way for their professional growth and achievements in the funeral service field.